Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Guy who plays Eko = My new hero

When I started watching season 2 of Lost, I said, "That young, some sort of African man who plays Mr. Eko, there's a solid actor who is some sort of African."

Then Today, I'm youtubin' it up, and guess what cats? My man is from LONDON, ENGLAND. That makes me not only somewhat racist, but VERY IMPRESSED by his acting. BOOM! Check it:

(possible season 2 spoilers, but what do you care, aren't you on season 4?)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Microcosm" or "Woman in hat dislikes movie, is for some reason allowed to voice opinion."

It should also be noted that QT's "talking over" skills are among the best I've ever seen!


Lost is to Heroin as Wolverine is to ________?

Last night I couldn't watch Lost. I found this instead.


p.s. I also host a talk show. Have I mentioned this, here at the Instant Talk Show blog? More on that verrrry soon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A FURTHER Explaination....

Yes, I wrote a post in jest about how I was not getting anything done because of my interest in the show Lost. This fantasy, however, has now become a reality. Yes, it seems the Lost-ER has become the Lost-ee. The situation is nothing short of dire. I am not sleeping or eating. In an ironic and unpredictable twist, my obsession with Lost and my sympathetic nature have put me in the position of a castaway. I am not showering. My stubble has become much more sexy. My quips even more clever. I am looking to the mysterious nature of the most mundane things - for example, the ultra destructive cloud of black smoke that patrols my apartment now seems like a world of unanswered questions. The eccentric band of hairy filthy people who live with me and don't know how they got there - I wonder what THEIR stories are. All of this leads me to one conclusion: Until Lost's end in 2010, I will be focused on nothing other than getting us off this island. DO YOU HEAR ME!? IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS! I DID EVERYTHING YOU ASKED!


p.s. Next week I get my Punky Brewster DVD boxset in the mail! I hope it doesn't make me get a boob job! Another Boob job!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

An explaination:

Some of you may be wondering why we haven't been up to date on our witty comments here at the Instant blog. So first off, let me say:


More to the point, there is a specific and reasonable answer to why we have not been blogging. No, we're not on a break for the summer, no we're not backpacking through Amsterdam. The answer is simple:

I have been watching the first season of Lost, and there's really nothing else I can do. I am powerless against it's grip over me. Apologies. I will check back with you all after I find out what the monster looks like or if the Korean dude can speak English.